Clear Blue Water is now Smarta

At Clear Blue Water we’ve prided ourselves on using software to enable better data driven decision making for our clients .

This famous quote usually attributed to W. Edwards Deming –
“In God we trust. All others must bring data.”

sums up the importance we place in data at CBW. However over the last 5 years Clear Blue Water has evolved just like our clients and the market in general. While we still look to enable data driven decision-making we find our focus is more and more on the realtime elements of data and decision-making. At Clear Blue Water we are more about making Companies and Teams smarter through software; through realtime collaboration, automation and analytics. To better reflect this change of focus we decided that the time was right to change our name.

We are now Smarta Systems.

This name reflects our core value proposition, to make companies smarter through software.

Our platform which all our solutions are developed on has matured to a point we feel it’s time to release it as a product. This product will simply be called Smarta.

Smarta Systems will still build great solutions for clients based on our Smarta Platform, but now this core platform will be a product that others can use without our direct assistance.

With this change we are able to deliver value to our clients in days rather than months.

I look forward to be able to tell you more about Smarta in the coming weeks and months.

Mark James
CEO and Founder of Smarta Systems

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