See, Understand and Act

The ability to See, Understand and Act as an individual, team and indeed a whole organisation is often the difference between success and failure. Let’s look at all three in isolation –

  1. See: Events are happening all the time. Companies are drowning in them. Each is an opportunity or a threat. Simple events like “A new order from BHP has arrived” or more complex events like “We now have $1 Million in invoices overdue by more than 15 days” need to be in front of the right person at the right time.
  2. Understand: What does each event mean? Is it an opportunity or a threat? What actions need to be undertaken? By Whom? Having the right supporting information and knowledge is critical.
  3. Act: Without execution, seeing and understanding are meaningless. The opportunity has gone or the threat has become a crisis. This final stage is crucial, yet without realising something has occurred and understanding what it means how can you act?

Great teams and organisations are able to continuously See -> Understand -> Act. They ensure the right people with the right knowledge have the visibility and supporting information they need to make the most of each opportunity and neutralise each threat.

We believe software can provide the key capabilities to deliver the See -> Understand -> Act  cycle continuously to individuals, teams and organisations. Smarta addresses this by

  • Connecting to all your different systems and users to ensure the right people a notified when things are happening that matter
  • Background and Supporting Information and knowledge is accessible for each event giving the user the background they need to understand the situation
  • Collaborative features such as annotation and messaging ensure support can be accessed whenever required.
  • Actions through automation and delegation between users ensure each situation is acted upon when it needs to be.

We believe Smarta will make a difference in organisations big and small. Contact us now to request more information.

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